Projet Re_GEN

The Re_GEN project, associated with the Neede-Odysseo project

To raise awareness of sustainable development among the two million tourists who visit the city each summer, the city of Bonifacio, in close collaboration with the Collectivité de Corse, has initiated a reflection to host on the site of the Montlaur barracks a place called "Re_GEN". This place will be at the same time :

  1. an educational space dedicated to sustainable development in the Mediterranean
  2. a place for meetings and exchanges on the best practices implemented by the different types of public and private actors in the Mediterranean,
  3. an incubator to host innovative companies that develop solutions for tomorrow's world.

This place will be one of the places associated with the Mediterranean project Neede-Odysséo based in Marseille and supported by Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic.