Mayor of Sigean, Vice-president of the Agglomération du Grand Narbonne

Mayor of Sigean since 2014, Michel JAMMES is the vice-president of the "Agglomération du Grand Narbonne" - which includes 37 municipalities - in charge of the Great Water Cycle (drinking water, wastewater, urban stormwater, management of aquatic environments and flood prevention). He is also President of the "Syndicat de Bassin de la Berre et du Rieu", as well as Vice President of the "Syndicat Mixte des Milieux Aquatiques et Prévention des Inondations".

 The policy of the Grand Narbonne consists of determining a financial strategy, seeking internal and external synergies, ensuring equitable treatment of users, complying with regulatory standards and anticipating various developments (treatment of wastewater for vine irrigation, recovery of energy from wastewater for heating, recycling of wastewater as a substitute for drinking water for internal uses of the treatment plant). The "Agglomération du Grand Narbonne" has undertaken a process of public awareness of the Great Water Cycle as well as a process of behavioral sciences on the permeability of the soil.