Bio Nicolas Condom Ecofilae


"Almost everything can be recycled. Why not water?" asked Nicolas Condom, an agronomist engineer and water reuse expert, in 2009. This was the beginning of Ecofilae, a consulting and engineering company dedicated to water reuse, which now has 15 engineers specialising in water management. Nicolas Condom is a convinced precursor of the potential of recycled water and participates in several ministerial and international working groups dedicated to the uses and problems of non-conventional water. Ecofilae is a winner of the 2015 Cleantech competition, a COP21 ambassador and has developed more than 150 projects in France and abroad, as well as 10 regulatory approval granted, 5 pilot demonstrators and 1500 students trained in France.

Commissioned in 2012 to write a feedback report and an aid to the elaboration of water reuse projects in the Mediterranean, Ecofilae has been entrusted with a new mission by Plan Bleu to design a summary note establishing "the state of the art of non-conventional water: achievements, development strategies and regulatory context" for all Mediterranean countries.