Declaration of Bonifacio: for the reuse of treated wastewater in Mediterranean coastal areas

They support this declaration

A - Signatory
Local Government organization
B - Local Authority Representative

Elected / Official appointed by the local authority (or group of authorities) to represent it, if applicable

C - Local authority service representative
D -Information on the water supply and treatment system

Number of cubic metres of treated water (per year):

Purpose(s) Currently Planned Operations
E - Declarations and authorisations

Having taken note of the "Declaration of Bonifacio: For the reuse of treated wastewater in coastal areas", Municipality- Local Government  , declares that it subscribes to its objectives and undertakes to implement them.

City - Community  

declares that it
duly designate its Representative

Municipality - Local Government  , and its Representative ask the City of Bonifacio to include it on the list of signatories of this Declaration.


F - Preparer's contact information